Undergraduate Programs

The University of Saint Francis offers bachelor’s degree programs in:


With a Bachelor of Arts in English, you will be able to pursue a career in writing, editing, business, library science, journalism, mass communications, public relations, travel, civil service, human resources and administration. You will also be well prepared if you choose to go on to obtain an advanced degree in English, law, business or other related areas.

Selecting a concentration in literature, professional writing or creative writing will help you tailor you courses for your specific career goals.

You will also have the unique opportunity to write for The Sullivan, a literary magazine published each spring semester. The Sullivan provides an outlet for your creative talents and allows you to have your work published as an undergraduate student!


A Bachelor of Arts in History from USF will provide you with a broad understanding of the foundations of the modern world by examining trends, patterns and themes from the past. The program’s historically centered approach will enhance and sharpen your research, writing and communication skills to prepare you for a career in government service, law, business, museum or archival work.

Political Science

In earning a USF bachelor’s degree in Political Science, you will study diverse areas, including American politics and government, international and comparative politics, constitutional law, state and local politics, and the American presidency.

You will benefit from USF’s commitment to the importance of law and politics as you shape your awareness of issues that affect the local, national and global communities. You will also develop a deeper appreciation for the potential of law and politics to create meaningful social change in broad areas like social justice, diversity and conflict resolution.

A comprehensive list of all courses offered by the Department of English, History and Political Science, including prerequisites, can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.