The study of history promotes the appreciation of understanding the diversity of the human experience. The Bachelor of Arts in History program at the University of Saint Francis specializes in an interdisciplinary, historically centered approach to research and scholarship. Through this program, you will gain a broad understanding of the foundations of the modern world by examining trends, patterns and themes from the past.

History courses, taught in the liberal arts tradition, will also enhance and sharpen your research, writing and communication skills. Upon graduation from USF’s History program, you will be able to pursue careers in government service, law, business, museum or archival work. You will also be prepared to obtain a master’s degree or doctorate in multiple fields.

History Major

39 credit hours

A successful career in the field of history begins with a firm grounding in the liberal arts, which you will receive by completing USF’s general education curriculum. Core History courses will emphasize learning in diverse areas with a geographic focus such as the United States, Europe or the non-Western World, and thematic approaches including social, cultural and political history. This broad array of courses allows you to shape your major as you broadly prepare for a wide range of professional fields after graduation.

To complete the History program, you will be required to take six History credit hours at the 100 level, nine History credit hours at the 200 level or higher, nine American History credit hours at the 300 level or higher, and nine World/European History credit hours at the 300 level or higher.

In addition, you will choose between a six-credit hour thesis or non-thesis course to complete the program. You will take HIST 439 Historiography and Research and HIST 440 Senior Thesis if you choose the thesis option or two additional History courses at the 200 level or higher if you choose the non-thesis option.

You will also complete the general education courses outlined in the USF Undergraduate Catalog. You must complete a total of 128 credit hours, including the required History courses to graduate.

If you plan to pursue graduate studies, you are strongly encouraged to complete two years of college-level courses in a foreign language and an appropriate internship.

History Minor

To obtain a History minor, you must complete 18 credit hours of History courses.